Below is the list of winning authors along with a link when available to a website displaying their books for sale.

Aaron Ward - Panner’s Final Problem & Supererogate Park

B Alan Bourgeois - Authors Revolution

Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey - The Enigma Chronicles - Remember the Future

Curt Locklear – Bee in the Car

Dale Wender - Concho Diary

Dick Elam – “Who’s Truman?”

Darlene Prescott - Early Wanderings and Unholy Revelations

Ernie Lee – Heart Over Mind

George Ramphrey – Texas Two Step

Grace Allison - Neville's Pond

Jan Sikes - The Forgotten & Broken Promises

Joe Kilgore – Twenty-Ten

Joe Willis – The Lesson

Julie Cosgrove – The Highway Chair

Ken Ingle – Never on Friday

Larry Morris - All in Good Time & Nightmare

Mark Allen – Plain Brown Wrapper

Renne Siewers - Swish, Swish - The Mistake

Robert DeLuca – Faithful Forever

Sandra Fox Murphy – Passage