Below is the list of winning authors along with a link to their author page we have on file.


Title/Genre Author & Genre

Final Curtain Patricia Taylor Wells Realistic Fiction

The Enigma Chronicles - The Jewel Breakfield and Burkey Suspense

Osceola 373 Breakfield and Burkey YA Fiction

Edges of Gray Mike Clifton Historical Fiction

Taking Another Ride With Clyde Jan Sikes Contemporary Fiction

She Karen S Coan Crime Drama

Fenced In Mark Cain Biography Fiction

Problem Solving in an Imperfect World Darlene Prescott Crime Fiction

Gumdrops J.P. Barnett Sci-Fi

I Shot A Man in Reno Allan Kimball Suspense

The Last Outpost Thomas Nichols Suspense

A Brave Adventure Charlotte Canion Historical Fiction

Blues Angels George Ramphrey Memoirs

Pepe Richard Al Humor